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Listen to Forgiveness Friday from The Drew Mariani Show
The Adventures Of Yea But, Forgiveness 101
Explore the benefits and freedom of forgiveness through the personal testimonies of leaders who have made the heroic choice to forgive. This Forgiveness 101 course doesn't have all of the answers. It is a tool that will guide you to find answers and practical tips that will help you integrate this message into your own life.
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Forgive To Become Free (Booklet)
People who learn to forgive are happier, healthier, more at peace,
more purposeful, and actually look liberated.
Why can't you have what they have?

"Your class was great! It definitely helped me in my journey, & with refreshing it's message & continually applying the tools, it always will. Thank you so much for your vocation!"


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A Letter From Fr. Tom Tank
"We all experience hurt and brokenness within our lives.  This causes suffering and pain and, unfortunately, often alienation and negativity.  The only recourse that we have is to seek to experience and express the forgiveness that Christ died to bring us.  However, forgiveness is not always easy.  It takes time and effort and prayer.  It takes the healing grace of the Holy Spirit.   Thankfully many resources are available to help people come to the freedom to be able to let go of unforgiveness and to experience wholeness in their lives.  One such resource is provided in the materials presented on this website.  Please prayerfully read and reflect upon the process of healing outlined here.  It may be one of those miracles of God’s grace that He wants to offer you at this time.  May the healing grace of Christ’s love touch your heart and through you reach out to enrich the lives of others!"
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