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Chuck Jansen, a member at Church Of The Ascension, has developed a very effective process for helping people gain helpful insights into forgiveness.  He is available to come to your church or organization to provide this valuable experience fo your organization and family.

Chuck has a theology degree from Loyola University in Chicago and has been married to his wife, Diane, since 1980; they have 3 grown up children.  He has facilitated a variety of adult formation classes over the past 20 years.  He has a special passion for helping people experience the transforming power of forgiveness in their lives.

I have been blessed to know Fr Tom Tank, for 35+ years.  When I was a religion teacher at Bishop Miege HS from 1982-87, the diocese was concerned how the lay people would teach reconciliation, so they would send the priests into the HS theology classes to teach the sacrament of Reconciliation. Having just moved to KC from Chicago, it was a great way for me get to know the priests in the area.  One such priest was Fr Tom Tank. Little did I know he would become my friend, spiritual mentor, and prayer partner. What a gift from God!!

In 2013 we were visiting and praying, and I asked him "where is there a need in the church, that needs more attention?" He responded that he would pray on it and get back to me. That was scary when he would say that. A month later, he discerned me to "thaw the ice" in broken relationships. He informed me that in a parish of 3000+ families, that over half of them have someone in their family "not speaking" to another family member. He asked that I devise "something" that addresses the need to HEAL and FORGIVE each other, especially family members.  

So the journey began.  It has taken on a life of its own.  I fell in love with people as I "walked the journey of FORGIVENESS" with them. Thus, Forgiveness Institute, KC, Inc was born. People needed a safe place to discuss their hurt, and what to do and where to go. One time I met with Fr Tom, and shared that forgiving has so much to do with dealing with HURT. He smiled, said I was on the right path, and said keep working. 


Hopefully, with the grace of the Holy Spirit, and the intercession of "Mama Mary", you will find some help in your journey of forgiveness. The process is complex and so difficult, yet the finish line is so exhilarating and transforming.  It frees us to be who God has called us to be. It is a gift that we can give ourselves. The joy of watching people "cross the finish line" is in itself, life changing. My privilege and honor. 

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Peace Of Christ,

Chuck Jansen

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With the grace of the Holy Spirit, we create systems, events and education, as we hope to revolutionize humanity, healing and forgiving, one person at a time.

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