Forgiveness Institute of KC (FIKC) is pleased to announce the Founders Club and our National Ambassadors Program(s). As we have launched the online course in November 2021, we are also launching our United States Initiative to expand FIKC on a national basis. The details are as follows:


Founder Club Member (FC):

FC members of the FIKC purchases an initial 50 online classes for $1,000. The FC will communicate effectively with the FIKC and State Ambassadors and determine how to assign and provide the initial 50 online classes. Membership in the FC will entitle the member to the FIKC Quarterly Social Events/Updates at the Eva Reynolds Fine Arts Gallery (Overland Park, KC) and Annual FIKC Functions.  



State Ambassadors (SA):

State Ambassadors have extensive knowledge of the class. Good communication with FIKC and the various groups who have the free copies and groups that have purchased the online course. The FC will help FIKC identify and sign-up SA’s as they are essential to drive forgiveness in a community type of model. 



Special Focus Groups (FG):

The FIKC, FC, and FG comprise the various parties involved with FIKC on a state-by-state basis. Examples of Focus Groups are: Parole officers, Counselors, Retirement Facilities. Veteran groups, Home Schoolers, Foster groups, AA groups, Bible study groups, etc. 

Founders Club