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Here We Grow Again

FIKC is working to get a Founders Club sponsor for every state.  FIKC is also looking for a CC (Camp Coordinator) for every state.  Watch the progress in the map as we quarterly report our growth.  A Founder Club sponsor can also designate a cause or group of people . With the sponsoring of a cause, a coupon code is given so that free classes can be purchased for that specific group.  

US Map.png
Kevin and Cindy Laffey (Wisconsin)

Inlanta Mortgage Co.  

Contact: Matt Savoie -


Laird and Patty Simons     

Founders Club Sponsor In honor of Veterans

Coupon Code: SIMONS


Mike and Maureen Fischbach

In honor of Retirement Homes.    

Coupon Code: FISCHBACH


Brian Jansen/Partner (Texas)

Winston and Strawn Law Offices.


Diane and Chuck Jansen (Kansas)

Keller Williams Real Estate 

Contact: Chuck Jansen   

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