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Learn How Forgiveness Can Impact Your Life

The Adventures Of Yea But, Forgiveness 101
Explore the benefits and freedom of forgiveness through the personal testimonies of leaders who have made the heroic choice to forgive. This Forgiveness 101 course doesn't have all of the answers. It is a tool that will guide you to find answers and practical tips that will help you integrate this message into your own life.
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Forgive To Become Free (Booklet)
People who learn to forgive are happier, healthier, more at peace,
more purposeful, and actually look liberated.
Why can't you have what they have?
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In Forgiveness 101, Chuck Jansen sheds light on the forgiveness process in a way everyone can understand. By tailoring this process to an incarcerated population, Chuck has given the tools to people who have been fighting anger and vengeance their entire lives, but now have the opportunity to find true peace through forgiveness. This course is worth the effort!

Carl Hughes, Executive Director, Brothers In Blue Reentry, Inc.

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