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Newsletter 11/22/19 - Forgiveness Update - Check Out


Welcome again to our monthly newsletter for Faith for the Journey/Forgiveness Institute, Kc, Inc. Some exciting things are happening. 

Our new website is up and running.  Go to . Check it out. It is 80% finished, yet is more of a verb than a noun. I welcome your suggestions, deletions, etc. I invite you to take Forgiveness 101. If you like it, invite a friend or family member to take it with you. Or bring it to your prayer/scripture groups. (Some of you are on this list because you endured the 3 week version of this!!) . I welcome your insights as to what I missed. We strive to constantly improve. 

I will be featured this Sunday as Archbishop Nauman interviewed me for the Shepherds Voice. 8:30 am on 92.9 FM and KEXS AM 1090.  The producer said "we had chemistry". I hope that is good! It felt like 2 men chatting. He is a tough interviewer. I pray that good things come from it. You can also listen to the interview via the Catholic Radio Network website: The Journey of Forgiveness Radio Interview

Some exciting upcoming events you all might be interested in attending: 

 - Feb 11, 2020: Tim Tebow is coming to OP.  Tickets are $100 and Kansas for Life is hosting it. Go to

 - Feb 14/15 2020: My favorite, Fr. John Ricardo, is coming to St. Michael the Archangel in Leawood.  Also on April 17 Scott Hohn is also coming to St. Michael the Archangel. Check their website for tickets and more information. 

I wish you and your families a joyful Thanksgiving. Our attitudes are the best thing we can control.  I pray you all can find many things to be thankful for. 

Peace of Christ,

Chuck Jansen


Forgiveness Institute, Kc, Inc

cell 913-710-2597

Feel free to invite a friend to this monthly newsletter. Send me their email address and name.  Thanks. 


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