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Do You Have A Testimony Or Story About Your Experience With Forgiveness?

How To Contact Us!

  1. Email Chuck Your Story Below Or At

  2. Leave A Private Message - 913-322-7500 (ask for Chuck's extension)

  3. Email Chuck Below To Set Up A 15 Minute Consultation

  4. Email Chuck A Video Of Your Story At

Train The Trainer

Train The Trainer

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Are you called to be a facilitator? We NEED people to teach Forgiveness!!  Use your God given talents, and/or your transformational experience, to bring HEALING to our world, your church and community.  Our training is out of this world!!  Contact Chuck Jansen today .and join the Forgiveness Institute KC, Inc Team and get trained to facilitate a Forgiveness class.  Contact Chuck at to find out more information.  

Help Us Reach More People With The Power Of Forgiveness

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