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Enjoy The Songs Of The Divine Mercy Chaplet

Today you are invited to enjoy and share in the Divine Mercy Chaplet sang in honor of the tradition of the fourth grade at Ascension Catholic Grade school annually celebrating Divine Mercy Sunday. It takes place to an empty church during the quarantine of 2020.  Sent by God, through the Holy Spirit, to ask for the mercy on 5 intentions.  I invite you to state your 5 intentions, prior to listening as we pray "For the sake of HIs sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and the whole world". Meditation and repetition is clearly brought out by the angelic voices of the 4 high school singers and the piano. Enjoy.  

Divine Mercy is so complex and beautiful, as most of our attempts seem fruitless. I invite you to study the life and diary of St Faustina.   

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