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Common Questions About Forgiveness

1. If I forgive, do I have to reconcile?

My spouse has hurt me multiple times with an affair.  I need to protect myself, as counseling has not helped. I want to forgive him for my own health, but I choose NOT to reconcile. 

2. It hurts too much to see my dad, can't I just ignore him?

That is a temporary fix to a complicated problem. For your health and well being, it is advised that you dedicate some time to reconciling the difficult situation.  Hurt people, hurt people. 

3. A doctor screwed up in the operating room, why should I forgive him?

We are all held accountable in our jobs, yet forgiveness is for your own self and well being. Understanding the forgiveness process is a gift to YOU. Hate and bitterness will destroy you.  

4. My family is so obnoxious, it is better for me to just stay away? 

Forgiveness process is difficult, and well worth it. see Mark Twain quote.  "When I was 17, my dad was so annoying I could not stand him around the house.  When I was 24, I was amazed at what he had learned in 7 years!!" 

5. I am working overtime and do not have the time to attend a class.  How can you help?

Watch the following clips, Elizabeth Smart 4 min, John Ricardo 27 minutes, Joel Osteen 27 minutes, , with wine and let me know your questions and thoughts. You will be amazed at what that hour will do for you!!!


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