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5 Days To Forgiveness Course

We first presented this course to a congregation in Milwaukee during March of 2020, but now we are proud and excited to make it available to all of you! Welcome to our 5 Days To Forgiveness Course!

Day 1 - 5 Days To Forgiveness Course

I pray that this finds you healthy and safe.  Yes, we are living through historical times.  The Holy Spirit is working in new and different ways. 

I was supposed to give a presentation in Milwaukee on March 26, and it was cancelled and has grown into a "Five day reflection on Forgiveness."  I appreciate our friendship, and would invite you to listen to day 1.    Let me know your thoughts, and places where I can improve and grow. 

Lent is a time to repent, and heal broken relationships. I pray that God continues to work through me.  

Day 1 Meditation: - Matthew West song, "Forgiveness" - Elizabeth Smart's testimony, "Forgiveness is for You" - Chuck Jansen's Day 1 Audio

Matthew West - Forgiveness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1Lu5udXEZI&feature=emb_title Elizabeth Smart: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvmDbhBEG4Y&feature=emb_title

- Chuck Jansen

Day 2 - 5 Days To Forgiveness Course

This is a spiritual version of a Netflix series. Today and tomorrow is a little longer, so hang in there. Today we are invited to own, process, and acknowledge our hurt. "God speaks to us in our joy, yet screams to us in our pain"

I tell students and friends, that Fr John Ricardo's 27 minutes of "Tell them the power of the Gospel" is the best of all the books, dvd's, and clips I have studied in my journey to understanding Forgiveness. If you can only study one clip from my website, I would suggest you listen to Fr John Ricardo.

Today we work on owning, acknowledging, and processing the hurt in our lives. "It is said that God speaks to us in our joy, yet screams to us in our pain."  Of all my studies, Fr John Ricardo has the best 27 minutes on Forgiveness.  Quotes: "Hurt people, hurt people."  "Anger does greater harm to the holder, than to whom it is given." "We are responsible for our actions, not our emotions."  You need a password for your phone. Processing pain is the "password" to forgiveness. "What percent of anger is legitimate?" Today's order: A. Pray your favorite prayer asking for the help of the Holy Spirit and the intercession of Mary.  3 Hail Marys minimum. B. Song . Get Along by Kenny Chesney . 4 min C. "Tell them about the power of the Gospel" by Fr John Ricardo . 9;20 minimum, the 27 minutes is well worth your time.  D. Be sure and scroll down for Chuck's meditation. 8 minutes.  Questions to ponder that give birth to action.  1. Can you identify the "hurt" that you act out the most? 2. Who has God put in your life that you are called to help them understand and heal their hurt? Become a CAA: Change Agent Angel.  3. Who can I forward day 2 to?  A phone call follow up. 

(Photo: Chuck Jansen and Fr. John Ricardo)

Kenny Chesney: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luHhJalHanw&feature=youtu.be

Fr John Ricardo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEapusLXZ0k

- Chuck Jansen

Day 3 - 5 Days To Forgiveness Course

Day 3 we study "suffering", Waters of Baptism, tears of repentance, Divine Mercy, and the origin of "yea but"! 

- Chuck Jansen

Day 4 - 5 Days To Forgiveness Course

To forgive is a heroic decision.  The process to make that decision is complex. Today we look at a variety of ideas to make that happen, and we delve into the process of "..drop it, leave it, and let it go"!   Easy to say.  Difficult to live and do. 

Jeff Allen is a christian comedian, that I am sure you will enjoy. Humor is sometimes the best medicine, and much needed as we tackle the process of Forgiveness.

Order for today. 

A: Opening prayer. Minimum 3 Hail Mary's 

B: Words by Corey Asbury, performed by Mikey Needleman. 6 minutes 


C: Jeff Allen Boys will be boys.  7 min


D: Jeff Allen, Forgiveness from my son . 2 min


- Chuck Jansen

Day 5 (Final Day!) - 5 Days To Forgiveness Course

Today we discuss making it to the finish line!!  Please consider going to my website, www.yeabut.org and sign up to receive monthly newsletters and updates on where FORGIVENESS EDUCATION is growing. Spread the good news.  Share with family and friends. Thanks. 

What is God calling you to do in response to this course?  

Some conclusions of those that make it to the finish line. 

  • Once anyone does the work and receives the grace, no one wants to go back to any of the "working stages".

  • Peter and Judas are great people to study in regards to Forgiveness.  

  • Lazarus teaches us there are no "second chances".  The time to repent and draw closer to Christ is NOW.  Tell your brothers, NOW.

Day 5 order:

1. Reckless love, by Cory Asbury and Mikey Needleman


2. "If I were the devil" audio by Paul Harvey 1965 https://youtu.be/4LWPcEo2gV0

3. Melissa Ohden: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVJNPWLzsb0

4. "Brandt" Can I Have A Hug: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHA0vpVpFDo&feature=emb_title

- Chuck Jansen

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