John O'Leary - "Be Light" - CD #5

1) The first question should always be an open ended question.  Be open to the work of
  the Holy Spirit.
   You never know the message they need to hear. Ask the group, " What was  your takeaway from
    listening to the CD?"

2) Re-iterate the wisdom of STOP, DROP, and ROLL.  How are we in times of crises?

3) Discuss the topic is that God speaks loudest to us when we are "on our knees"usually in times of trouble.
    C.S. Lewis says, "God whispers to us in our pleasures, and He shouts to us in our pain".

4) In whom and what do you place your Faith?

5) Elaborate on the beauty and Faith of the prayer of John's dad at their parish.

6) Discuss the needs and concept of "Love will not let go". 

7) Share supporting stories of Love, Faith, and Hope.  Re-live the love and wisdom of Jack Buck.

8) What more can I do?  Share, pray, and reflect.

9) Re-read, discuss, and pray the prayer of Christ in the garden


Fr Anthony Viviano - “From Produce Man to Priest ” - CD #3

1) The first question should always be an open ended question.  Be open to the work of the Holy Spirit.     You
   never know the message they need to hear.  

2) The audio is full of pearls and gems.  Discuss the meaning and ramifications of the following phrases.  
     A. Divine intervention.  B. A spiritual exuberance inside of me.  C. Cleaning the vomit was so "radical"  D.  No runaway bride here!  

4) Explore the wisdom of his priest friend who advised him to do volunteer service work for the Missionaries
     of Charity.

5) Just pray and discuss the story of the sister cleaning up the vomit.

6) Recognize Father Anthony's acknowledgement of his stages of discernment. Discuss the process.  
     So many of his thoughts are grounded, natural, and blessed.  Expound on Freedom vs. Commitment.

7) Discuss how parents have to pray and be prepared if their child expresses an urge or calling to a religious life.

8) Share and discuss on the wisdom of the Christmas story of introducing all the priests. "God calls all
     different kinds. There is no prototype. 

9) Try to understand the gift from God and the grace of the latin term "Ex opera operate"

10) Recognize and discuss the beauty of Melanie's wedding day.

11) Acknowledge the beauty of Mrs Bernoff, his "surrogate mother".  Has anyone been called to that role?
     Or been witness to someone called to that role.

12) End with shared prayer.  Maybe comment on Father's prayer.

Chris Ford - “Servitude and Leadership ” - CD #2

1) The first question should always be an open ended question.  Be open to the work of the Holy Spirit.  
    You never know the message they need to hear.  What was your takeaway from listening to the CD?

2) Discuss the differences of his mom and his dad.  Explain the thought that what parents
   teach becomes the "inner voice" to their children.  What was your "inner voice"?  Discuss the term
   "moral compass".  Define "building blocks".

3) Discuss Chris's college experience.  What percentage of men does he represent?

4) Acknowledge the beauty and God's will of meeting at the St Lawrence center for mass.

5) Tell stories of how we all put God "in and out of our rear view mirror".  Quite natural
    and common. It was also a common theme in Mike Fishbach's story.  It is a common denominator
    on "our journey". 

6) His first experience of praying on his knees was the night before day one of
    leadership school.  Discuss the depth, and beauty of that prayer.

7) Try not to spend a whole hour discussing the ramifications of "Fully invested leaders,
     mentoring, and going through repeated peer evaluations."  Can you imagine if we could
     do  that in our work, families, and churches??

8) His second experience of kneeling and praying, before ranger school.  "Your will be
     done through me".

9) "Servitude makes me happy"  Discuss the sharp contrast of fulfillment. Military responsibilities 
      and leadership vs "success" in the business world.  

10) Re-live and discuss the day the suicide bomber came to camp. His entire military
      training came to fruition in that defining moment.  Draw a comparison to our FAITH.
      What building blocks of FAITH is needed?  Discuss how God the Father prepared Jesus Christ
       for Holy week.

11)  Close with a prayer, adding or deleting to Chris and/or Chuck's prayer.

Mike Fischbach
 “Loving your spouse through the trials of Demensia - CD #1

 1)  The first question should always be an open ended question.  Be open to the work of the Holy Spirit.

     You never know the message they need to hear.  "What was you takeaway after listening to Mike?"

2)  Allow some time for discussion about the stages Mike went through.

3)  Denial.  I can fix this.  I can learn everything about this.  Relatives denying the
     diagnosis.  Reactions of friends and family.  The disease opening up his spiritual life.  
     The decision to lovingly place her into long term care.  The procedure.

4)  Discuss the term, "I was dumb, fat, and happy".  

5)  Ask the couples in the group, "What is it like when you pray together?"

6)  Try to get the group to share and identify "the Angels in their lives"

7)  Discuss Mike's "joy" of fulfilling his wedding vows.  His quote of " I never imagined that the worst part
     could be as fulfilling"

8)  Mike shared his "God moment" with his father.  The faith “block” that his father had given him.  
     The parallel experiences.  His father's advice of "You cannot blame God".  

9)   Discuss the beauty and sacredness of Mike singing the song, "The Servant Song"

10) Close with a prayer, adding to or deleting Chuck's closing prayer.