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Listen, Share, Take a Course or Give CDs as Gifts

WE ARE ALL ON A JOURNEY.  These fascinating stories will CHANGE your life.  "Food for the SOUL"  Filled with high quality, emotional content that uniquely establishes a personal bond between you, the speaker, and the Holy Spirit.

Vision: To aid in the faith journey of Christians in order to develop a more personal relationship with God by nurturing the power of the Holy Spirit.

These inspirational stories have been recorded and produced to CD and MP3 in order to allow anyone to listen to them in their preferred medium. These stories are by regular people who have faced adversity, challenges, overcome obstacles in their lives via the influence/power of the Holy Spirit.  Faith for the Journey is geared for self study, 2 or more friends, or a course for a small faith/prayer group.

Give them as a gift to a friend.  Give them as a gift to yourself.

Do you know an important male in your life or another loved one who you think would benefit from spiritual growth or might need a “spiritual jump start?”

Faith for the Journey is designed for all levels of spiritual development.  Many people have found this especially enriching. Educators in need of quality study material to support faith groups will appreciate the content, format and study guides on the website.

NOTE:  Send a note to Father Tom Tank….. All net proceeds will go to Prarie Star Ranch.