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Basic Forgiveness Class 101

Want To Take Our Online Forgiveness Class?

Time: Approximately 90 Minutes

The Forgiveness Class 101 will require the participant to print material, watch videos, answer questions, take a test, and submit their results to receive a certification letter and number.  Total video play time is 66 minutes and 7 seconds.  We recommend you allow 24 minutes to take the test.

Step 1: Fill Out The Pre Course Survey

Thank you for taking our Basic Forgiveness Class 101.  Welcome, and Congratulations!  The 1st step is always the hardest!


Before taking the course, please fill out the Pre-Course Survey.  After completing the survey, you will receive a URL that will take you to the full course.

The information from this survey will only be used as a point of reference, and statistical analysis. All names and information will be strictly confidential, unless the person is willing or wanting to share. 

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