WE are all at various stages of "OUR JOURNEY"  This ministry is to "feed the soul"

We ARE a complicated mix of MIND, BODY and SOUL.

You and I spend a lot of time, money, and effort on the mind and the body.  I invite you to take an over view look at your life.  We feed the body daily. Look at all the diet information and research available.  Rightly so, there is a LARGE movement towards nutrition.  We spend so much time on our career and the furthering of our mind.  Again, rightly so.  Our careers are the life blood of using God's talents to make a living.  Work and routine is good.  These Cd's are designed to make a difference.  Timeless stories that "feed the soul".  I invite you to listen, pray and reflect.  Where you listen is up to you.  The format of a CD invites you to listen while in your car.  With our busy lives, "alone time" is so infrequent.  I see the set a perfect gift for a "road trip".  

I invite you to become a "foot soldier".  Once you are touched, give the gift of touching others.

Our hope is to touch individuals "spiritual side", either one on one, or in a group setting.   

When I taught this class, I was amazed at the depth of discussion in a small group following the listening to the CD's.  The 60 or 90 minutes will fly by fast.

Thank you for visiting our web site.  Thank you for listening to the stories.  Spread the word.

- Chuck Jansen


Create material for small groups and/or individuals to "feed the soul"  i.e.: spiritual growth.  Christian speakers, inspired by the Holy Spirit, answering the call to serve others, share their journey of life.  Travel the journey as we discover how faith, God, and the Holy Spirit has SHAPED their lives, therefore giving nutrition to us. We work, hope, and pray to become the instrument by which "church" (the Good News) is brought to the people.

Why use CD’s as the medium?

People, especially men, are in their car a lot for work.  This is a simple, easy way to reach out to people in their car.  Hence, the phrase, “WINDSHIELD MINISTRY”.

How much are they?

$5 each if you buy 1, 2, or 3 physical CDs.  or $15 for a group of 4.  Yes, you can purchase multiples of the same CD.   Discounts available for churches, prayer groups and multiple orders. 

The hope is that you can take a class for under $20. 

Where can I get a study guide?

Go to the link Free Materials to down load the guides for each speaker.

Can I send a comment or question to an individual speaker? 

The speakers welcome your comments.  To protect their privacy, we do not give out personal contact information on them.  Each speaker checks his responses periodically.  They thank you for your comments and time.  See the tab under CONTACT US marked  EMAIL A SPEAKER.

Where do the profits go?

ALL profit goes to the charities designated by the speakers.  This is a ministry, not a business.  THANK YOU for any and all contributions.


Is FFTJ for one specific church? 

No.  We are for all believers of Jesus Christ.  Our goal is to be ecumenical.  Chuck Jansen, the president and founder, is a practicing Catholic.  His wife and 3 children will assure you, he is still practicing!!  We all have our own personal Journey of Faith.  Our hope is to touch many churches and faiths.  We welcome speakers and prayer groups from many walks of life.


My name is Lynn.  I am the receptionist at Dynamic Catholic. I  just finished listening to Be Light for the second time. I am wondering if I can purchase about 20 copies of that CD.  I would love to include that in with Christmas gifts this year. What an inspirational story ! I loved it. - Lynn from Kentucky.

Like most men, I'm on a faith journey; I'm trying to get closer to Christ and to be a better husband, father, brother, friend.  Even with all of my good intentions, it's too easy for me to get consumed by the day to day stuff, problems that seem unique or insurmountable, and to turn inward, becoming almost completely self-absorbed.  When I get that way, it's helpful to listen to what other men are going through and to understand that my problems are not unique, not insurmountable, not even very big.  These CDs help me to get my focus back on Christ, where it belongs. - Andy, Overland Park, KS

I just finished listening to Mike Fischbach.  CD # 1.  WOW!  I am touched.  My husband died 6 years ago of dementia, and I wished I would have had this CD available to me then.  It would have made my journey, easier.  I am amazed on Mike's timeless wisdom.  He knows what I went through!! - Arlene from Illinois.

I listened to Be Light.  Then my wife listened.  Now our 9 year old daughter, Bentley, is enjoying it as we drive to school in the morning.  We love it!!  What a great story.  Very touching.  I am enjoying the conversation it stirs!! - Listener from Kansas

Thank you for sharing the men's Faith journey stories. It's uplifting to listen to stories about men who could be our neighbors, friends or brothers overcome great adversity. Their experience with receiving God's loving embrace provides great inspiration. The recordings and corresponding study guide questions have helped to open my eyes, ears and heart to the many mysteries of Faith that take place in our everyday lives. - Mark Lewandowski, Nebraska